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     Geophysical Logging 

    We are fully equiped for on site Geophysical Logging with state-of-the-art- equipment . 

    All Webb's Logging Department offers a comprehensive array of open hole and cased hole wire-line logging services. And is now one of the leading logging companies in Florida.

    We have been logging our own wells since 1995. Over the years we have enhanced our program with addition of new tools, services and personnel and we can support all of our logging needs. Our senior logger is Kenwin Lee with over 25 years of logging experience with 14 of those years here in Florida logging shallow and deep injection wells. We practice routine calibrations for quality control and have in house technical support as well as manufacturer's support to maintain our equipment. We have two complete truck mounted systems that utilize industry standard hardware and software to produce high quality logs in standard format.
    Services offered by All Webb's Logging include:

    Gamma Ray
    X-Y Caliper
    Temperature & Fluid Conductivity

    Cement Bond / VDL

    Television Survey

    Radioactive Tracer Survey


     Fluid Sampling

    Spontaneous Potential

    Dual Induction / LL3

    Borehole Compensated Sonic

    Slim Hole Dual Induction

    Slim Hole Gamma Ray

    Slim Hole Normal Resistivity
    16" & 64"SinglePoint Resistance

    Fluid Sampling

    Magnetic Deviation

    Depths To 14,000 Feet

    Site Mailing List 
    All Webbs Enterprises, Inc.
    309 Commerce Way
    Jupiter, FL 33458
    Phone: 561-746-2079

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