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     About Us 


    All Webb's Enterprises Inc. originally known as Webb's Well Drilling, was founded in 1978 by its current President, David W. Webb.


    Determined and innovative, All Webb's Enterprises Inc. is able to engineer and manufacturer equipment and tools as needed to get the job done. We have drilled from 15 feet to 3,500 feet deep.

    Solutions to each days tasks, is what it takes to be sucessful in the well drilling business. David has come along way from starting his business as a young man with a $750.00 loan and a dream. David engineered and built his first rig with his own hands.Starting by drilling irrigation wells, residential wells to drilling injection wells today, with many wells in between, persistence and hard work has  made a multi million dollar business.

    Getting in the injection well market has not been easy nor has building this company. All Webb's is a prosperous company and has big  plans. We have recently purchased a reputable company with  state of the art equipment for logging our wells and others.

    David and his wife have a daughter attending college and two sons that also work in the business. After obtaining his masters degree in civil engineering with studies in our future water supply, David Jr. has been working in the business for several years. Dana has worked in the business for over ten  years.  
    In the late 1980's, Mr. Webb recognized the need for drilling contractors specializing in large diameter and deep-hole well drilling in Florida. In order to meet this growing demand, All Webb's Enterprises, Inc., through strategic planning, bold initiatives and timely acquisitions, has placed itself among the top water well drilling contractors in the state of Florida, specializing in large diameter wells. All Webb's Enterprises, Inc. performs the most stringent well construction procedures including mud rotary and reverse-air drilling, coring, packer pumping tests, hydrostatic pressure testing, water-quality sampling, pump and injectivity testing, complicated cementing programs, well acidizations and geophysical logging including RTS, downhole video surveys. All Webb's client list includes both private industry and municipalities. All Webb's has completed wells that range from 2-inches to 54-inches in diameter, with depths up to 3,800 feet, for diverse uses such as irrigation, potable water supply, reverse-osmosis feedwater, monitoring, injection and drainage.


    All Webb's Enterprises, Inc. has a General Contractors license and can perform many additional client services including pump installations and wellhead construction.


    All Webb's facilities are located in Jupiter, Florida. In addition to a 3,500 square foot administrative office, All Webb's  also owns an 8,000 square foot repair facility with  onsite mechanics, welders, and steel fabricators. All Webb's employs some of the most experienced well drilling crews in Florida. Drawing from a field crew of 15-25 professionals and maintaining several regularly serviced drill rigs, All Webb's Enterprises, Inc. can successfully employ several projects simultaneously maintaining the proper staffing each project requires.

    Since 1996, All Webb's Enterprises, Inc. has drilled over 70 Floridan Aquifer Wells. Over the last ten years, All Webb's Enterprises, Inc. has performed over 60 Class I injection well MIT's and numerous casing pressure tests and well abandonments. All Webb's is currently constructing a 3,500 foot injection well for the Okeechobee Landfill, Inc. We have a full geophysical logging capability including our radioactive license that enables us to perform RTS testing. All Webb's is a licensed water well contractor as well as a general contractor. All projects are managed by David W. Webb, Sr. Performance and payment bonds cover all the listed projects.  

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    All Webbs Enterprises, Inc.
    309 Commerce Way
    Jupiter, FL 33458
    Phone: 561-746-2079

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